Echoes of Soul : Palestine and Destruction of Gaza

Palestinian Struggle

”Silence can be end of something or every thing.

Mortal weapon leading to anihilation”

Zunair Aftab

Palestine – Gaza’s Concerns

Palestine war rages in Gaza, on October 7th, 2023 the US Government expressed solidarity with Israel, vowing unwavering support for our ally. However, within a few weeks, the landscape of the Gaza region and relationship underwent significant changes. President Obama suggested that certain Israeli actions in Gaza might have consequences, setting the stage for a nuanced discussion.
The decision by the Israeli government to sever essential resources, including food, water, and electricity, to the captive civilian population in Gaza has stirred heightened concerns. This move not only exacerbates a burgeoning humanitarian crisis but also risks solidifying negative Palestinian sentiments for generations. It could erode global support for Israel, play into the hands of adversaries, and impede progress towards peace and stability in the region.

Overview of Palestine : Control over Gaza

President Biden later emphasized a two-state solution as the only viable outcome once the crisis subsides. The conflict predates recent events, Gaza resembling an open-air concentration camp since Israel’s establishment in 1948. The two million Palestinians in Gaza are effectively denied a normal life, lacking the ability to have an airport or communication with the outside world.

The controlled entrance to Gaza restricts Palestinians from determining the terms of their own lives. Life in Gaza is marked by extreme poverty and a bleak outlook. The situation traces back to inhumane policies enacted by Israel, involving the depopulation of Palestinian territories and the displacement of over 700,000 people in 1948.

While Israel often refers to Palestinian resistance fighters as terrorists, historical examples reveal a more complex narrative. The King David Hotel bombing by the Irgun was labeled terrorism, while some saw them as freedom fighters. It’s essential to critically examine these historical nuances to understand the multifaceted nature of the conflict.

Death toll – Palestine : Gaza is Dying

The conflict’s toll is devastating: 14,300 Palestinians, including 6,000 children, have lost their lives. This century’s deadliest war for children underscores the urgent need to address root causes and strive for a sustainable resolution. BStaggering numbers demand global awareness, humanitarian action, and diplomatic efforts to minimize conflict’s toll on innocent lives. Let’s unite in the pursuit of lasting peace, understanding, and empathy for the affected communities.

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