The Dark Side of Pakistan’s Call Center Industry


In recent years, Pakistan’s call center industry has experienced remarkable growth, touted as a promising avenue for employment and career advancement. However, beneath the surface lies a troubling reality of exploitation and false promises, as many call centers subject their workforce to grueling conditions, perpetuate misinformation, and overlook crucial communication challenges within the country.

Working Around the Clock – The Toll of Odd Hours

One of the most pressing issues facing call center employees in Pakistan is the expectation to work at odd hours. Operating on international schedules forces employees to be available during peak business hours in foreign countries, often resulting in late-night shifts and early mornings. This disrupts work-life balance and takes a toll on employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Empty Promises – The Illusion of Career Advancement

Despite assurances of growth opportunities, many call center employees find themselves trapped in stagnant positions with no real prospects for advancement. Promised promotions and salary increases often fail to materialize, leaving employees disillusioned and demotivated.

Ethical Quandaries – Misinformation and Deception

Some call centers in Pakistan engage in unethical practices, such as spreading misinformation in foreign countries to meet sales targets. Employees are pressured to adhere to scripts containing exaggerated claims or deceptive tactics, damaging the reputation of the companies involved and eroding consumer trust abroad.

Lost in Translaction – The Communication Gap

The communication gap within Pakistan exacerbates the challenges faced by call center employees. Varying levels of English proficiency among the population make effective communication with foreign clients difficult. Despite this, call centers often prioritize hiring individuals with basic English skills over investing in comprehensive language training programs, leading to frustration and inefficiency.

Conclusion – Addressing the Issues

The call center industry in Pakistan is marred by exploitation, false promises, and ethical lapses. Stakeholders, including government authorities, industry leaders, and companies, must take action to ensure fair treatment and ethical practices. Only through addressing these issues can the true potential of the call center sector be realized while upholding the dignity and rights of its workforce.


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